Article about the construction of the Landfill Cell Facilities for Ash Disposal, Storage, and Maintenance of Chemical Containers at the Tsagaan Davaa Disposal Site in Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia

The UNIDO contracted Tusgal tuv LLC for the construction of the landfill cell for ash disposal as well as the storage and maintenance facility at Tsagaan Davaa disposal site in Ulaanbaatar City. The construction work started last March of 2019. The following are the accomplishments in 2019:

·         Electricity works completed on April 2019;

·         Construction site cleanup held from May to October 2019 (60,000 m3 of garbage removed from site);

·         Construction of the maintenance and storage facility completed on August 2019;

·         Landfill cell excavation works completed on September 2019;

·         Road and dam works completed on October 2019;

·         Fencing and building registration works completed on October 2019; and the

·         Purchase and delivery of the HDPE membram and geotextile to the construction site.


Due to the cold weather during the winter season the construction works is temporarily stopped and will resume on April 2020 and is expected to be completed by June 2020.



Description: On March 19, 2019,  Tusgal Tuv LLC started site work and a group of 5 heavy duty equipment was mobilized to the project site

Description: On August , 2019,  Tusgal Tuv LLC completed building of maintenance and storage facility .

Description: On Sep 11,2019 Ms.Carmela Centeno, UNIDO Project manager, visiting construction site.







Description: On Sep 25 , 2019,  Tusgal Tuv LLC completed excavation of landfill cell.

Description: On Nov 12 , 2019,  Tusgal Tuv LLC installed over 600 meter steel fence surrounding of landfill and other facility.